I was born in 1973 in the Netherlands in the city of Rotterdam, which is one of the biggest port cities in the world. My real name is Renzo Vink but really..... this does not sound cool at all. Since I don't really like the name for photography I made up an alias that also reflects my Italian roots. That's how I came up with the name Lorenzo DeCestaro (C pronounced as K).
I am a self thaught photographer enjoying the art of photography.

I have a passion for photography since the age of 16 but never really knew which branch of photography i liked the most. In the past i did a lot of landscapes and portrait photography which i liked a lot but for now i have chosen landscapes, forests and zoolife photography.
I still likes to do portraits but only in exceptional cases.

For landscapes i can often be found on the beach or in the woods, for zoolife my passion lies in the zoos of the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Besides shooting photos, I have my own company called Airsoft-Legends, which is a webshop and physical shop for Airsoft items. Besides the shop Im also a familyman and in 2020 I became father of a very sweet girl.
Unfortunately, because of this busy life I have little time for photography but when there are new photos I will post them on the site and on my Instagram page.
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